Air Fryer, AF5001T, Electric Hot Air Fryers , Oven Oilless Cooker with touch digital screen and viewing window

Model No.: AF5001T Power:1400W Capacity: 4.5L Cooking time: 0-60min Cooking temperature: 60-200℃

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Nowadays, Health-conscious became more and more popular among people.. It’s claimed that Air Fryer reduces the fat content by up to 75% of fried foods. The Air Fryer only needs  very little amount or even no need of oil when making the food. The food made in an air fryer consists of less calories in comparison to deep-fried food.

Air Fryer--01

With an Air Fryer with multifunction could help you prepare food more easily and save the money. You can use the air fryer to make cake, fried chicken, steak and lots of delicious food easily

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Touching the panel to set the time and temperature and then just wait for the food done. The Air Fryer will automatically shut down when time run out. Also time and temperature could be adjust during cooking, which will be very convenient for people. With 10 preset menus for choices, helpful for users for operation.

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The frying baskest and oil filter rack of Air Fryer are with non-stick coating, which are easy cleaning and dishwash safe.

Air Fryer--04

The Air Fryer will automatically shut down if the frying basket been taken out while working, which will be very convenient if people want to add more food or forget to season the food, and keep safe. Also it will automatically resume to operate after return the basket with previous time and temperature.

Air Fryer--05

With viewing window, no need to take out the frying basket to check if the meal is done. It’s convenient to monitor the cooking status. And with warming yellow light, making people feel warm and happy to prepare the meal.

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