CTO5OVS02 Sealing Machine of Vacuum Packaging Machine

Color: Black Product size: 36.5x9.7x6.5CM Working mode: Single seal/vacuum seal. Vacuum degree: -40KPa~-55KPa. Net weight: 0.98KG. Rated voltage: 100V~ 120 V / 220 ~ 240 V Sealing bag width: 300MM Frequency: 50/60Hz Seal width: 2.5MM

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Bring your own cutter, cut the length of the bag freely, and cut it neatly.

The air in the container is evacuated and sealed, and the high decompression state in the bag is maintained. The scarcity of air is equivalent to the effect of hypoxia, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve food preservation without disease and rot.

Vacuum: Decompression and hypoxia sealing. Anti oxygen: Prevent food from spoiling. Fresh: Maintain original flavor and nutrition. Moisture-proof: Vacuum moisture-proof mildew-proof. Lock the moisture of fruits and vegetables, and they are as fresh as freshly picked ones. After 2-3 days, the fruits and vegetables preserved in vacuum taste as fresh as freshly picked ones. Reduce the oxidation of meat and ensure the taste of meat. After 2-3 days, the taste of the meat preserved in vacuum is as fresh as that just bought.External vacuum multi-type containers, home life storage helper. Can be externally connected with a suction pipe, is suitable for various vacuum fresh-keeping tanks, supports red wine stoppers, air valve self-sealing bags and clothing storage bags.Multiple packages of food are packaged at the same time. The fully enclosed silent film pump provides negative pressure of -50KPa, which effectively ensures the vacuum in various fresh-keeping containers.It is recommended to match the special food vacuum bag. The vacuum fresh-keeping bag is a nylon co-extruded grain packaging bag, which can pump out air more smoothly, seal firmly and lock fresh for a long time.• Strong barrier property, resistant to 115℃, high temperature cooking and freezing storage at -45℃ • Effectively improve the vacuum degree by 50% • Avoid free harmful elements in composite packaging from entering into food materialsSelf-contained cutter can freely cut the length of rolled bag The bag can be cut according to the volume of food materials, thus saving materials, magnetically attracting and fixing the layering, being convenient to operate, sharp in edge and neat in incision. 1. stroke the cutter head to the far left, and place the rolling bag between the batten and the machine body. 2. Hold the left side of the batten with the left hand and slide the cutter head quickly with the right hand, and the rolled bag will be cut.Bags with various lines are required to be vacuumized and sealed. Bags with lines such as single-sided and double-sided silk roads, microchannel cross-temperature, grid rhombus and dots can be used, such as rice brick bags, tea bags, organ bags and inner corner bags. Aluminum foil bags and kraft paper bags cannot be used. A flat bag with smooth surface and no grain or corner. It can only be sealed, not vacuumized. Packing list: ① Product packaging box ② Vacuum packaging bag ③ Canning interface component ④ Product sealing machine 8 bags per box, carton size: 40.5*39.6*31cm. Outer box weight: 0.86KG Gift box weight: 0.16KG Gift box+machine weight: 1.34KG

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