CTO5OVS03 Sealing Machine of Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product model: VS03 Rated voltage: AC 220~240V Rated power: 150W. Vacuum strength: -50 ~-55 kPa, Pumping speed: 6L/min Sealing width: 2.5 mm Bag width: ≤30cm Material: ABS Dimensions: 360*115*60mm

Products Details

Which can provide your food with best possible preservation based on the different types of food.

More powerful suction almost removes all the air to maintain the quality and extend the freshness of foods extremely. Longer heating wire the sealing length reach to 11.8in.

1. Open appliance lid and place one end of the bag to cover sealing strip 2. Lock the lid, press "Seal" button and finish seal 3. Put food into bag and place the end of bag into vacuum channel 4. Lock the lid, select correct "Food modes" and press "Vac seal"1. Move the cutter head to the far left, open one end of the roll cutter, put the vacuum bag roll between the roll cutter and appliance. 2. Hold the bag with your left hand, and slide the cutter button from left to right with your right hand to get a bag with open ends.1. Stable heating performance, support multi package work: 30cm extended heating wire is adopted, the heating wire is placed in the overheating protection device, the protection is automatically opened when the temperature is too high, and the service life performance is stable. 30cm long sealing design, multiple bags at a time, greatly improve work efficiency, and can seal large pockets. 2. Adjustable bag roller rack and bag cutter: the cutter can cut any length with a slight stroke, and the incision is neat. 3. Equipped with drip tray: the liquid and debris extracted by vacuum can be collected in the drip tray and can be removed for cleaning. 4. Multi gear adjustable: dry and wet two gear adjustable. 5. Multi type vacuum container with external pumping function: it can be externally connected with extractor tube, which is suitable for various vacuum fresh-keeping cans, clothing storage bags, etc. to facilitate the storage of daily life, such as grain bags, air valve self sealing bags, special fresh-keeping cans, quilt compression bags, etc. 6. Household and commercial applications: soft / hard / dry / wet / powder / oil food can be sealed. 7. Upgraded lock catch: double side mechanical lock catch makes the machine easy to work during vacuum packaging operation.

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